TiMe flYS bY wHeN YoUr hAviN' FuN!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


R.I.P- Stripes Foremaster aka Big Boy/Stooge
(my big boy before Tripp) (Scott's name for him)
This has been a bad week for the Foremaster Family. Our cat got ran over in front of our house. Thank goodness Grandpa Howard lives in our neighborhood and goes for early morning walks and found him. He caught Scott on his way to work and let him know. I was so sad and sick. I know it sounds ridiculous I have said it a million times "cats come a dime a dozen" well not ours. He was unusual he was part dog and human. He could open the door that came in from the garage, his litter box was in our garage so when he needed to go to the bathroom he would meow. When he wanted back in he would scratch the door. When he meowed it sounded like one of my kids yelling mom! He was so good with my kids and baby. We will miss his meow!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I kow, I know I'am a slacker! I haven't posted for ever....

Tripp my baby boy is 8 months. I can't believe it! He is so cute, and so Big. He's legs are chubby and cute. Scott says his legs look like "drum sticks." He is into everything. He loves getting into my cookbooks and everything his not suppose to. We finally had to move the crib down cause he was going climb out. Today I had to up grade him to the big bath tub cause he splashes every where. My girls maul him to death. So there making him a spoiled bawl baby. All he does is bawl cause he wants to be held all the time. That's what happens your the baby boy of the family.