TiMe flYS bY wHeN YoUr hAviN' FuN!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OvEr ThE 24tH Of JuLy WeEkeNd!!

THe KiDdiEs
aNdY & MisTy

"sAY CheEsE!"
TrIpp & mIsTY bAbEa

mOM & bIG BoY

liL' pIlgRAm hEAds

ThE tRacK sTArS

Thursday the 24th we got up and went to the annual parade/park in Washington! It was a lot of fun we met are usual good time friends Kaysha,Malea there babes, Misty, Andy and there kids. Newt and his boys and I can't forget Grandma GG and Aunt Marque. After watching the parade we headed over to the park to get ready for the kids races. My kids love to do the races every year. They get a little nervous but Scott and I just tell them they can do it! Tyrese and Tya both took 1st place. They are little track stars:) They were so excited they couldn't stand it. After winning they each got .50cents and a free snow cone. That made the day of standing out in 100 degree weather. After standing out in the heat we headed down to Scott's sister (Marett's) pool. The kids had so much fun goofin off and coolin down. That night we had a barb-q at our house. After we ate we had time to kill so we went to this golf course were my kids love to go to feed tonz of ducks. While we were there Scott caught a turtle in the pond. The kids were going nuts to feed it popcorn and bread. It started to get dark so we headed back to our house for fireworks and homemade ice cream.
The next day we headed to Cedar mountain to go camping with Andy, Misty and there cousins. We had a blast all weekend playing games and baseball with the kids. The baby was a trooper the whole time. We went to Mammoth caves on Saturday, I sat out with the baby while everyone else went through the caves.
Thanks Misty & Andy for inviting us. We had so much fun!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Baby Boy Tripp

Here are some of my babies pictures. They turned out sooooo DANG CUTE! Thanks to Sue for taking them of him while he is still so little. I will cherish them for ever. My favorite is the one of him on the saddle.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New at the "Blogging World!" I'm a Blog stalker! I have been reading every ones cute blogs for months (thanks to Michelle)and couldn't take it anymore so I decided to start my own one so you can see a little bit of my fam. and what we have been doing in the last 9 years. I have four cute kids three girls and FINALLY a BoY!! I haven't seen a lot of you cute chicks for a long time and some I see everyday or weekly. So now you can stalk me for a while. I'm computer retarded so some of my friends are going to help me out on this bloggin stuff......Thanks Jen and Susan